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SNTS (New Surface Technology Company)

SNTS (New Surface Technology Company)

Presentation :

The New Surface Technology Company, a family road sweeping company located in Roques sur Garonne, offers its services in accordance with the safety rules for users and technicians.

In 2014, the company underwent a change of direction. The experience gained and the contribution of a new perspecctive made it possible to improve the quality of the services offered.

SNTS now works with communities and professionals, as well as in the public works sectors.

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10 rue des Périoles 

31120 Roques sur Garonne

Excavator aspirator :

SNTS can also provide you with an excavator with driver.

This construction machine has a turbine capable of generating an air flow of up to 44,000 m3 / h and a maximum vacuum of 55,000 Pa, giving it impressive suction capacities.

The suction hose can be moved in three dimensions by radio control and depending on the installed capacity and the materials to be sucked it is possible to reach suction distances of 150 m horizontally and 30 m vertically and can suck all types of materials up to a size of 250 mm.

Thanks to our aspirator we can carry out excavation work particularly fast and without degradation as well as minimal nuisances in terms of circulation and the environment.

Possible areas of intervention :

  • Public works near buried pipes for all network operators
  • Service in case of damage for all distribution networks
  • Maintenance and repair near railway tracks
  • Elimination of environmental nuisances
  • Replacing contaminated soil near tree roots
  • Construction of access and exit wells when using spark gaps
  • Bentonite suction during horizontal drilling
  • Aspiration of materials during demolition and remediation work
  • Exposing the masonry work during sealing work on a building
  • Gravel suction on flat roofs
  • Cleaning of manholes, gullies and settling ponds
  • Suction of materials in the event of accidents, damage and disasters
  • Industrial uses in refineries and chemical plants

Scanning :

Services offered :

  • Regular or punctual sweeping of roads.
  • Cleaning of seats after an event or event.
  • Exceptional sweep in anticipation of events (degravilisation of your places).
  • Sweeping of commercial and industrial zones.
  • Sweeping subdivisions.
  • Aspiration of leaf on roads or ditches etc...
  • Pumping and cleaning of rain gullies.
  • High pressure decontamination and cleaning of side walks and pedestrian paths without chemical treatment.
  • Mechanized weed control of channels without herbicide.
  • Clean-up at the end of the work
  • High pressure sweep / suction

A demonstration can be offered to you according to your needs, after an interview with our manager.

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Scanning :




Mechanised weed control:




Aspiration of leaves :

Defoaming :



SNTS goes green

All weeding and defoaming operations are carried out in compliance with the rules of environmental standards.

To carry out our work we have 4 sweepers.

Société Nouvelle Technique de Surface (SNTS)

10 rue des Périoles

31120 Roques